Business Insurance

Business InsuranceBusiness insurance in Central Ohio takes on many forms depending upon your company’s needs. Our team of insurance gurus can make sure that your business is covered from liability, theft, and other unplanned events.

We offer property insurance, auto insurance, key man life insurance and renter’s insurance for your business’s needs.

One of the key aspects many business owners fail to consider is if they send an employee out in a personal vehicle and that employee has an accident that the business may be liable. We can make sure you have the protection in place so that an accident doesn’t negatively impact your company’s finances. Another mistake some businesses make is they assume that when they rent a building that they are covered inside that space, however, there are many types of coverage you still need to obtain so that your business is protected from disaster and loss.

In addition to our business insurance services, our financial planning team at Grandview Insurance can help set up deferred compensation plans, retirement plans on an individual or company wide level and make sure that your key executives have policies in place that protect the company.